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Jakub Stybr

Agility met Jakub Štýbr (Tsjechië)

I have started to work with dogs only in 2004 and my favourit sports are dogfrisbee and agility. Since there was not dogfrisbee in Czech republic I was the first czech player and with help of other people and support of Purina Dog Chow we created DiscDog Club of the Czech rep.

By bulding the club and starting the sport in our country I gained a lot of experiences in organizing events. Also I have met a lot of great "world class" players who taught me a lot and I never refuse a chance to share our knoweledge of the sport.

I am working as an editor in chief of the famous czech dogsport magazine Psi sporty that started at 2007

My successes in Agility:

Belgian Shepherd Czech Agility Champion in 2013, 2015 and 2017 (2014 2nd place)

2017: Vice Champion in team competition

2016: we missed the season as Kuky had puppies

2015: Czech Agility Championship - 1st place (Individual Czech Champion)


- particip. at FCI AWC (team comp.) with Kuky

- particip. at Agility European Open with Kuky

- 2nd place at Belgian Shepherd Agility Czech Championship (individual), Czech BS Champion (Team comp.) with Kuky

- 2nd place at Czech Agility Championship (Team comp.) with Kuky

2013: Belgian Shepherd Agility Czech Championship (individual and team) with Kuky

2012: participating on FMBB WC 2012


Youtube kanaal Jakub




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